What is this new WhatsApp Privacy Policy Change?

Now WhatsApp has a new Privacy Policy and all you need to know about.

Both Android and IOS users must have received a full-screen pop up notification about the updated Privacy Policy on WhatsApp and you Probably had 2 options you could either accept or you could click on do this later but there is a catch users have until Feb 8 2021 to accept the policy in order to continue using the app.

Now what does this mean? WhatsApp adds the clause that where users rely on third party services or other Facebook company products that are integrated with our services those third party services may receive information about what you or other share with them.

Which in simple terms means that you'll be force to give access to some information to Facebook via WhatsApp.

What Information Does WhatsApp now Share with Facebook?

Now WhatsApp says, it is collecting new information from your devices such as Battery LevelSignal Strengths, App Version, Browser Information, Mobile Network Connection Information that includes Phone number, Mobile Operator and Even IP Addresses these were not mention in the previous privacy policies.

The Good news however is that there is no change in WhatsApp end-to-end encryption policy which means your messages and media you share with someone cannot be access by WhatsApp.

Now What's The Buzz About The Signal App?

The word Signal is all over the social media this, mostly thanks to Elon Mask who tweeted to use Signal App following WhatsApp Privacy policy change to share data with Facebook this came amid users relying raising alarm about the new WhatsApp policy.

People are now looking to so called Secure Apps like Telegram or the Signal App.

There is a boom in registration on this Signal App the company even clarify this in a tweet stating that verification codes are currently delayed across several providers because so many peoples are trying to join the Signal App right now.

Signal App also allows you to simply move a group chat from other platforms like WhatsApp on to their platform.

Now is this indeed time to switch to other platforms?

Now this is the question that is dominated the internet. So its a question you should probably ask yourself and consider doing that soon enough because if you don't agree with WhatsApp new terms and privacy policies you will not able to use the app after Feb 8 2021.